Sunnova's New Fleet Hits the Road
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I'm sure you've seen a number of solar panels going up. Over the last few years, federal and state governments have been incentivizing home owners to look into solar. Spring and Summer are generally quite busy months for solar companies, so before Sunnova hit the road, they wanted to be sure their fleet was up to par.

To help prepare Sunnova for their busy months, we wrapped several of their installation vehicles to help them market while on their way to and from appointments. Every time this vehicle is driving or parked, it's a mobile billboard.

  • Sunnova fleet graphics
  • Sunnova fleet graphics

Sunnova, you are looking great! We are glad to be able to help get you out on the road.

If you are considering getting a vehicle wrap, it's a bang for your buck!

  • Vehicle wraps have the highest ROI of any forms of advertising
  • 30,000-70,000 daily average impressions per car wrap
  • 96% of Americans have traveled by car in the last week
  • The average American spends 15 hours per week in their car

Vehicle graphics are is a fabulous way to advertise because you have a captive audience! If over 96% of American's have been in a car in the last week, you are quite likely to have your advertisement come in contact with your target audience. When you're marketing in other forms, they have a lot of other options to distract them, family, emails, text messages, cooking food, grabbing snacks, a better tv channel, laundry, etc. Take advantage of the road time and help build brand recognition.

Check out our blog we posted a few months ago, titled Everything You Need to Know about Vehicle Graphics. You can receive a free checklist that will help you line out your steps when wanting to order a custom car wrap.

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