Visual Merchandising and Promotional Graphics make your message pop! Whether you need signs on the wall, ceiling, floor, or table or even self-standing displays of all sizes, Thomas Printworks helps you create and deliver the materials that promote your business.

We’ll work with you to make the display that’s perfect for your needs – end caps, entries, standalone, etc. Don’t worry about odd shapes or sizes; we handle those all the time. We’ll help you decide the right materials for your project and produce it with precision.

Banners, Posters & Signs

Make a big impression with full color signs and banners when advertising your product, service, or special event! These gorgeous, highly visible graphics create a powerful impact, ultimately resulting in more potential customers walking through your doors. With the capacity to feature full color photos and graphics, your message will come to life with detail that is truly larger than life.


Once your banner is printed, you have a variety of finishing options to choose from. Add grommets to ensure easy installation with ropes or bungees. Sewn edges give your banner a high quality finish, produce a more substantial surface for grommets to attach to, and protect the edges of your banner from ripping in the wind. Wind slits can be cut to help reduce the force of wind on banners hung in the open air. Finally, for banners that will be attached to poles, we can add pole pockets according to your specifications. Our professional and experienced staff are ready to assist you, and can suggest which options are right for your application. Just ask!

Register topper

Register Toppers

Remind your clients of available add-ons or promotional opportunities at the register. Choose from a variety of materials and thicknesses that best suit your needs. Add a contour cut to make a one-of-a-kind design that's sure to catch the eye.

Rack Toppers

Take advantage of the space above your products to promote price, share product details, or just catch your customers’ eyes. We can create anything from simple information to splashy graphics in a variety of sizes and formats.

Counter Mats & Signs

Put reminders at the check-out counter or on a display surface to draw attention to special deals, remind them of add-on products, promote a seasonal offering, etc. Use stand-up signs or mats on the counter top to conserve space and drive behavior at crucial moments.

Counter mats are a perfect way to advertise or promote products and services at checkout.

Floor & Asphalt Graphics

Our slip-proof floor graphics can help get your message across in a fun and creative way. Whether you need an entire floor filled with eye-catching graphics, or just a few decals placed in strategic areas, Thomas Printworks can help. These full-color, self-adhesive, permanent or removable floor graphics can adhere to almost any smooth surface, including concrete, tile, wood and vinyl flooring. Once printed, floor graphics can be contour-cut to any shape or size.

Floor graphic
  • Window cling
  • Window cling
  • Window cling
  • Window cling
  • Window cling
  • Window cling
  • Window cling

Window Clings

We can produce colorful window display graphics that will attract attention and beautify the structure they adorn. Now you can turn any window into a work of art, whether it be for a restaurant, storefront or classroom. These beautiful prints are durable enough to be used indoors or out, and are printed with UV-rated inks to resist fading.

Window graphics are a very cost-effective way to promote your business or products because they utilize your existing space for advertising. They can also be used to diffuse or block sunlight, which can help lower your energy bills.

When considering window graphics, there are two main varieties to choose from: static cling and window perf. Static cling graphics are printed on a non-adhesive vinyl that clings to smooth glass surfaces by means of static electricity, enabling them to be removed and reapplied. These graphics can have a clear or white base to suit your needs. Depending on ink coverage and the material used, various degrees of transparency can be achieved.

We also offer window perf, which is an adhesive film with thousands of tiny holes that cover 40% of the surface. This allows some light to pass through the film, while still providing enough of a surface to clearly display images and text. Visibility is one way with window perf graphics. People inside the building are able to see out, but people outside only see your message. For this reason, window perf is an excellent choice for vehicle window graphics.

Menu board

Menus & Menu Boards

Inside or outside, on the wall or in their hands, we’ll help you create menus that make it easy for customers to find what they want and promote your key products effectively. We can even customize your menus for various locations and create flexibility for promotions or seasonal items. From simple graphics and text to powerful back-lit displays, your menu will help you sell your products.

Stanchion Signs

Create promotional information, directions, safety warnings, reinforce your brand, and more on portable stanchion signs. You can put them anywhere, move them easily, and replace them often. We can create stanchion signs in a wide variety of sizes and styles to fit with any environment — retail, corporate, restaurant, real estate, and more.

Yard & Sidewalk Signs

Move your message outside with signs posted in the yard, on the park strip, or even placed directly on the sidewalk. Catch the attention of driving and pedestrian traffic with weather resistant signs. You can even create them with custom contour cuts to fit your brand. The durable material lasts and catches the attention of potential walk-in customers.

POP Displays

Make your point of purchase displays work for you with powerful graphics and professional messaging that supports your brand. From the small and simple to the huge and complex, we can create POP displays that attract customers, promote products, drive traffic, and more. We can create multiple displays for all your locations or provide customizable options for each store. You get ultimate flexibility and power combined.

POP display
  • Ceiling dangler
  • Ceiling dangler
  • Ceiling dangler
  • Ceiling dangler

Ceiling Danglers

Ceiling danglers are a fun and creative way to convey your message. We can print your graphics directly to a rigid substrate and cut them out in any shape you want. Hanging hardware is included!

Table Tents

Turn your customers’ idle time into a marketing opportunity with table tents. Promote special offers, specific items, or seasonal products while your customers wait at their restaurant table, in a waiting room, in a clothing store changing area, and more.

Case Graphics

Take full advantage of your display cases by using all the surfaces. Combine the back of the display, the display items, and the glass covering to create a powerful multi-dimensional look that attract and keep your customers’ attention. Whether at your store front, in a department, or for a special promotion, we’ll help make your display cases pop.

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